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“I am a writer and a strategist — I come up with ways to reach people with your story, your message, your product, etc. As a professional writer, one of the first lessons I learned is, ‘have someone else edit your work.’ Perfect prose is essential to a strong, successful business. And that means you need a great editor.

I am very picky about my words, especially for others. I need an editor who understands the different voices I write in for different clients and the different kinds of writing I do (persuasive, instructive, inspirational). I need someone who is comfortable with many different styles (AP, Chicago, MLA).

Alissa is FANTASTIC. I’ve had her review everything from newsletter articles to letters to strategic plans to ebooks. She can switch between styles effortlessly, grasps the different voices and purposes of message with the smallest direction from me, works quickly, and makes my writing SO MUCH better.

You need to talk with Alissa whenever you write newsletters, email marketing campaigns, web copy, blog posts, tutorials and e-courses, or anything else. Do yourself and your business a solid and hire Alissa to proof your work before you publish.”

–Joy Bennett, Joy Bennett Consulting

“My oh my. I submitted a blog post for Alissa McGowan to review with her beautiful red pen and was in beautiful disbelief!

At first glance, I saw her red markings everywhere! Upon reading her edits I was blown away. There were a few sentences where I tried and tried to clearly articulate my thoughts but knew I didn’t nail it. Without knowing much about my industry, her mastery of the written word crafted those sentences to shine!

Thank you! I went from being glad I wrote the article to being PROUD of the article and feeling a burning desire to start sharing it! Thank you, for turning my written word into a professional masterpiece and in time for me to submit for publication tomorrow. Thank you!

I know now what a good copy editor does and who will be reading my future work before publication.”

–Kelly Lunt, www.kellylunt.com

“A consummate professional: prompt, deadline-oriented, meticulous. Knows her own worth and delivers on it!”

–Mark Fox, PETT Fox, Inc.

“Although I’ve only had the pleasure of working with and supervising Alissa McGowan for a few years; within that short timeframe, she was one of the best wordsmiths I’ve come across in a great while and I’ve been in the fast-paced, cutthroat, deadline-driven print-production industry for over a decade. 

Alissa was one of my top well-rounded and diligent proofreaders. She was dependable in every respect and was my go-to proofreader for most heavy-text jobs, which included pharma and many additional complex projects, because she was so well-organized, fast, and thorough. When copyediting was needed, Alissa being well-read and a master of English grammar was entrusted to copyedit and occasionally rewrite pieces of text for our clients; and she did this with ease and professionalism, always keeping in mind my instructions as well as the desires of our clients. 

It’s just easy to work with Alissa. I trust her to do the job; but more so, I trust her to do the jobs I requested well. 

She definitely made my job easier. When my clients are happy, so am I. 

Would I hire Alissa again? Absolutely. Would I recommend her to copyedit, rewrite, or proofread for me again? Yes, yes, and yes.”

–Sydni Lord, Alissa’s supervisor at Graphic Orb

“Alissa has the best eye of any proofreader I’ve met. She is very sharp and driven to producing high-quality work.”

–Gabriel Molina, Alissa’s supervisor at Graphic Orb

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