The First Date

Manuscript Assessment + Sample Edits + Marketing Consult

It’s time to invest in an editor.

Scary, right? You’ve spent months or even years bringing your book to life. These are your words, your ideas—your baby. It’s perfectly natural to be anxious when you think about handing your work over to a critic—even a friendly, constructive one.

Finding an editor can feel a bit like online dating.

How can you tell from a website if this is someone you can trust, who gets you and your vision for the project, whose sole purpose is to help you make your work the best it can be? The team at Red Pen for Rent looks great on paper—all the skills and passion you’re looking for. But what about chemistry? Communication? What is it like to work together, especially on something you’re so personally invested in?

We understand those concerns—we have them too!

Whether you’re just looking for an editor or want a team to take you all the way from manuscript through self-publishing to successful book launch, ours is a creative and collaborative process. It’s fucking vital that we work well together. We will be investing our time, creative energy, and expertise in you and your project too, so a good fit is equally critical for us. We are looking for projects that fire us up and authors we can throw all our enthusiasm behind.

It can be difficult to convey all of this in an email or query, so we asked ourselves: How we can spend a little time together?

So we came up with The First Date as a low-pressure trial run for all of us. We get to know each other’s work and communication styles, you get to see exactly how we would handle your manuscript, and we can all make sure our approaches mesh.

The First Date delivers a shitload of valuable feedback.

Whether you ultimately proceed with editing and self-publishing services from Red Pen for Rent, decide to go a different direction, or discover that you have more work to do on your manuscript first, it’s well worth the investment.

Alissa McGowan

Owner + Senior Editor

Joy Bennett

Marketing Director

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Cold read of your full manuscript to discover whether fresh readers get out of the work what you, the author, intended
  • A sample edit of approximately 1,500 words
  • Brief (1–2 pages) editorial evaluation and explanation of the service recommendation illustrated in the sample edit
  • 30-minute consultation with Senior Editor Alissa McGowan and Marketing Director Joy Bennett about your overall vision for your book and how we can help you make it a reality
  • Customized quote for the services we recommend based on your specific project goals

The investment? Just $799!

Make sure we’re the team best suited to helping you present your manuscript to the world! Slots are limited. Now booking for June – August 2017.

Please note: This is the first step for all new clients. When you hire us as your editing or self-publishing partner, we will deduct the fee you paid for The First Date from your final project total.

Well, what do you think? Shall we dance?

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