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starts at $0.06 per word

Most manuscripts go through multiple rounds of revision, and while some authors can polish their own work to near-perfection, many find it helpful to work with a professional editor from the developmental phase. The categories presented below are not entirely distinct, and the lines between them often blur, which is one of the reasons we use the First Date process to evaluate your manuscript and illustrate what editing would look like for your work specifically.

Developmental editing is often the first step in the editing process, and as the name implies, it helps writers develop a rough draft into a smooth, coherent, artfully crafted work. At the developmental level, we look at the big picture of your manuscript, identifying scenes or sections that are working well, in addition to those that should be expanded, reduced, or eliminated. We identify awkwardly written passages and inconsistencies or contradictions. We can also help with things like plot, character development, showing rather than telling, pacing, composition, point of view, dialogue, organization, ensuring appropriateness for intended audience, and more.

Substantive editing, also called content editing, looks at the foundation and the meat of your manuscript, evaluating what works and what doesn’t. Like developmental editing, substantive editing looks at the big picture, but in a more focused way. We evaluate your manuscript from a holistic standpoint, looking at the content, organization, and presentation of your complete text. We look at aspects such as continuity, repetition, and awkward or confusing language, and we make sure your text is well-organized, readable, and intelligible.

Copyediting, also sometimes known as line editing, provides a detailed line-by-line review of your manuscript, ensuring that it is clear, concise, coherent, consistent, and correct. At this stage, we finesse your prose to ensure that it observes the conventions of good writing. We make sure your text flows well and uses proper syntax, and we may suggest some minor reorganization, revision, or clarification.

Most projects require two or more rounds of back and forth between author and editor. A common scenario might look something like this:

  • Alissa begins with a round of developmental editing.
  • The manuscript comes back to you for a round of author revisions.
  • Alissa performs a round (or two) of copyediting (with a round of author revision between each editing pass).
  • The manuscript comes back to you for final revisions.
  • Alissa performs a final cleanup pass.

And after that comes proofreading (the final check of spelling, grammar, and all that technical stuff, billed separately at $0.03 per word)!


$0.03 per word

A traditionally published work is reviewed by both a copyeditor and a proofreader, and we provide that same level of quality control for your self-published book.

Here’s how it works:

  • You and Alissa review and finalize your copyedited manuscript.
  • Jocelyn proofreads the finalized manuscript.
  • Alissa reviews the edits, then returns the manuscript to you for review.
  • After your review, the manuscript goes to your formatter for layout.
  • The laid-out PDF comes back to Jocelyn and Alissa for a final proofread.
Cover Design + Custom Art

starts at $997

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and cover art is the first thing potential readers see! If you already know what you want, our professional photographers and artists can help realize your vision. And if you need help figuring it out, we’re happy to lend a hand. If you already have an artist and just need us to format it into a professional cover, we can do that too!

Red Pen for Rent’s artists work in various mediums (including photography, ink, marker, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, and oils) and have very different styles. Examples can be found in the bios of Sam Richmond, Johny R. Long, and Dany Frongia. In addition to cover design, we also offer children’s book illustration, chapter icons, lettering, world maps, character design, and more!

Please note: All artwork requires a consultation and custom quote. Pricing is dependent on numerous possible factors such as complexity, materials, colors, props, number and age of models, and other considerations to be discussed with the artist. ​

Author Website

starts at $597

All websites include:
–Choice of single-page scrolling or multiple-page template
–Choice of font (http://www.divithemeexamples.com/divi-fonts-preview)
–Choice of main theme color
–Four basic pages/sections: Home, About, Books, and Contact
–Two revisions
–Optional: hosting at $15/month through FlyWheel (billed monthly through a PayPal subscription link)

Looking for something more complex? No problem. Micah can bring to life pretty much whatever you envision for your website. Just ask us for a custom quote!



Press Release: $297

Press releases are an important tool of traditional marketing used to reach out to radio, newspapers, and television. So why do you need one? Because being featured by a media outlet can significantly bolster your writing career. We will craft a compelling press release to announce the launch of your book, catered to media that will reach your audience.

​Please note: This service does not include distribution.

Author Bios: $997

Your readers want to know who you are and where your writing comes from. This service includes a half-hour interview with Marketing DirectorJoy Bennett, who will then compose author bios in four different lengths: headline (140 characters), short (50 words), medium (100 words), and full (400–600 words).

Where do you use them, and why do you need multiple lengths?

  • Back cover or “About the Author” page in your book itself
  • Your website’s “About” page
  • Articles/media features
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Media kit

Book Synopses: $997

Your synopsis is your book’s sales pitch. Next to the title and cover art, it is the primary way to get readers interested enough to buy your book. Without a strong, persuasive pitch, how will your book stand out from the plethora of self-published books on the market today?

This service includes a half-hour interview with Marketing Director Joy Bennett, who will then compose synopses in four different lengths: headline (140 characters), short (50 words), medium (100 words), and full (400–600 words).

Where do you use them, and why do you need multiple lengths?

  • Back cover of your book
  • Online retailers (Amazon, etc.)
  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Media kit
  • Live events (conferences, festivals, signings)
Book Launch Blueprint

requires custom quote

The blueprint is an action list for authors, outlining general strategies and specific steps for building your platform. This service includes an initial 30-minute consultation with Marketing Director Joy Bennett, after which she will draft a custom marketing strategy for your book launch. The suggestions provided in the blueprint take into consideration factors such as your genre, target audience, and location to devise a focused implementation plan. A follow-up half-hour consultation is included after you’ve reviewed the blueprint, and we are always happy to implement any of the strategies suggested in the blueprint for an additional fee.


Want to work with us? Grab your First Date today! During the included consult call, we will discuss your overall vision and goals for your book, and for your career as an authorpreneur. From there, we put together a self-publishing package tailored to your specific needs.

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